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Misc. picture from the Air Ivanhoe photo Gallery. Video and Photo contest ongoing ... with lots of cool prizes PLUS FREE bragging rights !!!

A couple of great videos from Air Ivanhoe's team ...

Another great year for fishing & hunting has passed ... but on the bright side, another even better year is just starting. This site was getting so large that I needed to start breaking down the video's into categories. Each category below has the latest video shown, but take the time to check out some of the previous video's I put together as well. They're all awesome. The categories of video include Brook Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Nemegosenda Lake & River, Ivanhoe Lake & River, Fly in Fishing (unbelievable action), outpost cabin fishing, black bear hunting, and waterfowl hunting.

Walleye seems to be the preference for most anglers visiting us north. They're incredibly tasty and descent fighters. They're easy to clean and incredibly numerous, especially so at our remote locations only accessible by float plane. Its not at all uncommon for me to catch a couple hundred walleye in an afternoon on a fly in waterbody. Thats fishing. It's catching with Air Ivanhoe.

Joel Theriault

What is Air Ivanhoe? What do we do? Take a peek at this 2 minute promotional video produced by the crew at Canadian Sportfishing during some filming we did for some TV shows which aired on TSN and OLN.

Walleye Fishing Videos

Fishing off the float ... walleye of course...

(21 mb - wmv)  


An hour of time to catch some fish with Perry Sharp at Croasdell lake... best 8 minutes ...

(45 mb - wmv)  


An crazy afternoon with Joey & Mike at a little fly in lake ... that we use for day trips...

(79 mb - wmv) (Part 1/ 4)  

An awesome afternoon with Cory at a day trip pond ...

(138 mb - wmv)  

Walleye Fishing with Justin Farley; September 2003 @ Moose Camp - 20 Minutes

(107 mb - wmv)  

Walleye Fishing with Jess Daschuck ; July 2005 - 5 Minutes

(28 mb - wmv)  

Walleye Fishing with Italo Labignan & his wife Barb ... on Nemegosenda lake ... Guided by Joel Theriault. August 2003 - 20 Minutes
More Info @ Canadian Sportfishing . Com

(110 mb - wmv)  

Guiding Ivanhoe - August 14, 2005
6 lbWalleye ; 5 minutes

(20 mb - wmv) - Link temporarily down for editing ...  

Guiding Ivanhoe - July 30, 2005 - Walleye
10 minutes - Joel Theriault

(43.6 mb - wmv)

Underwater Shots - Ivanhoe

Flying around Ivanhoe Lake plus some fishing with a handful of groups - 30 minutes - Joel Theriault

(126 mb - wmv) (47 mb - rv)