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A couple of great videos from Air Ivanhoe's team ...

Another great year for fishing & hunting has passed ... but on the bright side, another even better year is just starting. This site was getting so large that I needed to start breaking down the video's into categories. Each category below has the latest video shown, but take the time to check out some of the previous video's I put together as well. They're all awesome. The categories of video include Brook Trout Fishing , Walleye Fishing , Northern Pike Fishing , Bass Fishing , Nemegosenda Lake & River, Ivanhoe Lake & River, Fly in Fishing (unbelievable action), outpost cabin fishing, black bear hunting, and waterfowl hunting.

Brook trout fishing in Ontario is fantastic .... and some of our creeks, streams, rivers, and lakes are just awesome. Brook Trout is my personal favorite. With hundreds of little nooks and crannies, potholes, lakes, rivers, and streams in the area that hold BIG BROOK TROUT, I can fish different water all summer long. In fact, some of my favorite streams aren't fished by any other anglers and I only make it there once every couple of years. Welcome to the wilderness of Northern Ontario, specifically Foleyet, Ontario.

You want brook trout fishing that Michigan can't compare to? Try my brook trout holes in Northern Ontario. It's Catching with Air Ivanhoe.

Joel Theriault

What is Air Ivanhoe? What do we do? Take a peek at this 2 minute promotional video produced by the crew at Canadian Sportfishing during some filming we did for some TV shows which aired on TSN and OLN.


Brook Trout Fishing Videos


Fishing for Brookies (and some lakers) ....A drive in fishing trip from Air Ivanhoe's main base with my boys (and my cousin) ... a rocking good time w/ lots of fish...

Watch the Windows Media Player version of this video (43 MB)

A couple of fun trips w/ the boys ... including a nice 4lb brook trout.

(40 mb - wmv)  

An afternoon of Brook Trout action with the boys .... from a nice Zodiac boat.

(34 mb - wmv)  

Brook Trout Fishing - July 2005 ; 5 Minutes

(23 mb - wmv)  

Old Ivanhoe - July 2004 - Brook Trout - 5 minutes with Chris Elliott

(22 mb - wmv)
(165 mb - Mpeg)

Old Ivanhoe - July 2004 - Brook Trout - 3 minutes with Dave & Ryley

(20 mb - wmv)  

Shawmere - July 2003 - Brook Trout - 3 minutes with Chris Elliott

(20 mb - wmv)
(114 mb - Mpeg)

Brook Trout & a Suckers - A sunny day along a little creek with a ton of nice brook trout. Joel Theriault, Brent Stark, Dale Reed, Greg Bonham

(113 mb - wmv)

Extra Film : Lake Brookies
(5 mb - rv)

5 pound brook trout - Drive in from Ivanhoe - 3 minutes - Joel Theriault

(17 mb - wmv)

(6 mb - rv)